Virtual cards can be charged through our integration with Stripe. However, there are some details to take into consideration.

To enable charging of these virtual cards with Stripe, please contact Stripe from here and ask them to let your MCC code reflect 7011. and Expedia

Because of the nature of’s and Expedia’s Virtual Cards, they are not automatically accepted by Stripe, therefore they are not automatically saved either.
However, they can be automatically saved with the “Sirvoy Vault” feature. When the moment comes for the channel to make the virtual card available for charging, you can forward the card to the Stripe integration and charge it right away. (“Charge Card” button)


Agoda’s Virtual Cards are automatically accepted and saved to the Stripe Integration. However, we recommend also using the “Sirvoy Vault” feature as a fallback option.
We have found that it will not be possible for any Agoda card starting with the prefix 553397 to be saved or to be charged with Stripe. In case of this issue, please reach out to Agoda for an alternative payment solution.

If you enable the “Sirvoy Vault” feature, even cards with that prefix will be saved there and you can use an alternative payment solution to Stripe to charge it.

Please see related articles for more details on the different channels’ virtual cards.