Some booking channels provide virtual cards so that the hotel can charge the guest. A virtual card is a set of credit card details that only can be charged during a limited time and for a limited amount. is only using virtual cards in certain countries. Check with your account manager if you’d like to know if it’s available in your country. In your login, you can choose if you want to accept “alternative payment methods”. If choosing yes, guests will also be able to book without leaving their card details. If guest payments are made directly to, you will receive a virtual card which you can use to charge after the guest has checked in. The virtual card can be found through your login.

You can decide if you would like to give the guest the possibility to pay at the hotel (Hotel Collect) or directly when creating the booking (Expedia Collect). This is called Expedia Traveler Preference (ETP). If a guest chooses to pay directly at the Expedia website (Expedia Collect) you will receive a virtual card from Expedia, which you can use to charge Expedia for the booking.

Guests are given the possibility to pay directly at the time of booking, or later. In both cases they must leave their card details, and in both cases Agoda will create a virtual card. The virtual card is visible in the Agoda extranet under Reports > Bookings. You can use it to charge Agoda at the time of check-out.

Please read here about how virtual cards work together with the Stripe payment solution.