Sirvoy’s channel manager can connect to BookVisit to automatically update room availability and prices and retrieve bookings from BookVisit, their booking engine, their Citybreak partners, and their connection to channels such as Despagar, HRS, GDS, etc. 

Note: To connect to Citybreak partners (Visitgroup), see the article, “Connecting Sirvoy to Citybreak Partners (Visitgroup) Via BookVisit (Beta)”.

Tip: Our support team can set this up with you.

Before You Start:

  1. Create a BookVisit account.
  2. On BookVisit, set up room types and rate plans.
  3. On BookVisit, add a unit price to each rate plan before mapping. Supported rate plans are: 
    • Price per Unit (BookVisit) –  “Fixed price – independent of number of persons” (Sirvoy)
    • Price per Guest (BookVisit) – “Flexible price – depends on number of persons (Sirvoy)
    • Price per Unit + additional price per guest (BookVisit) – “Fixed price – independent of number of persons” (Sirvoy). “Additional price per guest” is displayed and controlled on BookVisit, not in Sirvoy.

Important: Bookings made on BookVisit before the connection must be manually imported, but any bookings made after mapping room types (step 3 below) will automatically import.

Connect Your Sirvoy and BookVisit Accounts:

1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> BookVisit and click “Edit.” 

2. Enter your BookVisit ID and click “Save”

Sirvoy staff will review the connection and contact you afterward.

3.  In Sirvoy, map your Sirvoy room types to the matching BookVisit room types/rate plans to finalize the connection and click “Save.”


  • For room types with multiple rate plans on BookVisit (like breakfast included, non-refundable, weekend rates, etc), create room type duplicates in Sirvoy to map to each rate.
  • Derived rate plans can’t be mapped in Sirvoy and must be handled on BookVisit.
  • For packages:
    • The BookVisit options “Package with linked rate plan” and “Copy existing package” cannot map to Sirvoy.
    • The option “Package with its own rates” can be mapped as per unit, but not per guest.

4. On the next page, you have the option to import any bookings that you received during the connection process.

Your Sirvoy and BookVisit partner accounts are now connected!

From now on, Sirvoy will control rates, availability, and restrictions for your BookVisit account. Therefore, make all future updates to those features in Sirvoy because they will override those settings in BookVisit. 

Changes made in Sirvoy will apply to BookVisit within minutes. 

Before You Go:

  • Check that you have entered the same taxes and percentage surcharges in both BookVisit and Sirvoy.
  • For flexible prices to update accurately, ensure BookVisit’s maximum “number of standard beds” for each room type equals “Max. number of guests (incl. Extra beds)” in Sirvoy.
  • Fixed prices set for room types in Sirvoy will be the base price used for room types in BookVisit, but rates for additional adults or children can be set in BookVisit. This is called “Unit price + additional price per guest” in BookVisit. Any additional guests will be included in bookings sent to Sirvoy.
  • Now that your accounts are connected, payment details are stored differently.
    • BookVisit will no longer display customer payment details.
    • BookVisit’s commission of the total price isn’t communicated to Sirvoy. The commission varies depending on the BookVisit partner. To find the commission amount/percentage, log in to your BookVisit account.
    • The “Sirvoy Vault” feature can store payment information once activated but can’t charge customers.
    • Stripe, our recommended payment solution, can store payment details, and customers can be charged directly with Stripe from within Sirvoy.


  • Extras are automatically added to Sirvoy in new bookings, but if a guest makes changes to extras later on, these must be updated in Sirvoy manually.
  • Children are noted in the internal comment field of each booking in Sirvoy, but not added as guests. For example, a booking with 2 adults and 2 children is listed as “2 guests”, but the internal note will specify the two additional children.
  • The “sharer” option in BookVisit allows infants from 0-3 to share a bed with their parents free of charge. If a Booking makes use of this option, it will be noted in its internal comment field.
  • Though double bookings are rare, hoteliers must be vigilant to solve them quickly.
  • On rare occasions, bookings received from channels might be divided into different rooms.