Sirvoy can connect with Citybreak and any of its partners in Visitgroup (STF, Gotland Promotion, Destination Österlen AB, etc.) to retrieve bookings and automatically update room availability and prices. This connection requires that you have an agreement with Citybreak or any of its partners.

Tip: Our support team can guide you on how to set up this connection. You are always welcome to contact us through live chat.

Before You Start:

  • Reach out to your Citybreak partner and tell them that you want to connect to Sirvoy. They will set up your room types and rate plans on the BookVisit platform and activate the connection.
  • The Citybreak partner will provide you with a BookVisit ID.
  • A unit price needs to be added at BookVisit to each new rate plan before mapping. Supported rate plans are: 
    • Price per Unit (BookVisit) –  “Fixed price – independent of number of persons” (Sirvoy)
    • Price per Guest (BookVisit) – “Flexible price – depends on number of persons (Sirvoy)
    • Price per Unit + additional price per guest (BookVisit) – “Fixed price – independent of number of persons” (Sirvoy). Note that “additional price per guest” is displayed and controlled at BookVisit only.

Important: Any bookings received through a Citybreak partner before starting the connection process will not be automatically retrieved and registered in Sirvoy. They have to be imported manually into Sirvoy, preferably prior to the connection. If you have a large number of such bookings, we will gladly assist you with the import. Please see this article for instructions. Automatic import of bookings made during the connection process will be possible after the room type mapping has been completed.

Important: If you are transitioning from Citybreak Easy Access to BookVisit, any bookings in Sirvoy that were made via Easy Access before the transition must be handled manually if modified by the guest.

Connect Your Sirvoy and Citybreak Partner Accounts:

  1. Go to Settings -> Channels -> BookVisit and click “Connect” 
  2. Enter your BookVisit ID and click “Save.” Your connection will now be reviewed and we will reach out to you when it’s time for you to map your room types.
  3. In Sirvoy, map your Sirvoy room types to the matching BookVisit room types/rate plans to finalize the connection.
    • If you have multiple rate plans for the same room type at BookVisit (e.g. breakfast included, non-refundable, weekend rate) you will have to create room type duplicates in Sirvoy to represent the different rates.
    • If you use a derived rate plan it cannot be mapped in Sirvoy, but must be handled at BookVisit.
  4. If you have received any bookings at BookVisit during the connection process you will now have the option to import these to Sirvoy, or choose to ignore the import.

Your Sirvoy and Citybreak partner accounts are now connected!

From now on, Sirvoy will control rates, availability, and restrictions for your BookVisit account. Therefore, make all future updates to those features in Sirvoy because they will override those settings in BookVisit. 

Changes made in Sirvoy will apply to BookVisit within minutes. 

Before You Go:

  • Check that you have entered the same taxes and percentage surcharges in both BookVisit and Sirvoy.
  • Check that the maximum “number of standard beds” for each room type in BookVisit equals “Max. number of guests (incl. extra beds)” in Sirvoy.


  • Extras are automatically added to Sirvoy in new bookings, but if a guest makes changes to extras later on, this must be updated in Sirvoy manually.
  • Though double bookings are rare, hoteliers must be vigilant to solve them quickly.
  • On rare occasions, bookings received from channels might be divided into different rooms.