If you use the Stripe payment solution and also receive bookings from booking channels via Sirvoy, credit card details will automatically be stored in Stripe. The card can then be charged as usual from the booking details page in Sirvoy.

Please be aware of the following:

  • For this feature to work properly, you must ask the booking channel to always include the CVV/CVC code.
  • Stripe does a thorough security check and the card might be declined, even though the channel has accepted it.
  • Virtual cards (at times used by Expedia and others) will likely be declined.
  • You may need to enable “Process payments unsafely” in your Stripe account (https://dashboard.stripe.com/account/integration/settings). This setting means that Stripe will not be the sole service provider involved in handling your card details, which enables Sirvoy’s handling of these. Sirvoy is a fully PCI compliant service provider. As long as your hotel is only using PCI compliant third-party service providers, your own PCI compliance will not be affected.
    To enable the “Process payments unsafely” function, please follow these steps:
    1. In your Stripe settings using the above link, once you activate the “Process payments unsafely” button, you have three checkboxes to confirm. Please confirm all of them.
    2. Confirming the checkbox “I cannot change my integration to securely collect payment information” will open a further field. Here, please select “Someone else built my Stripe integration.”
    3. In the field beneath that, simply enter “Sirvoy,” then click “Process payment unsafely.”
      After your settings are verified, you will have completed the process.
Warning: It is not possible to restore or review card details that were declined by Stripe. We strongly recommend that you also receive credit card details via the “Sirvoy Vault” feature if, for example, you plan on using an alternative payment processor as backup.