Broaden Your Audience and Promote Transparency with Sirvoy’s 3 New Features

November 28, 2023, 04:41 PM EST

1. New Channel for our Swedish and Norwegian Sirvoy Users

Ever thought that booking a room could be as seamless as enjoying a cup of Swedish coffee with a Kanelbulle (that’s a cinnamon bun for the uninitiated)? Enter our latest feature – GoTo HUB iCal Channel connection. Using GoTo HUB, Sirvoy users can increase their online visibility and tap into an audience of eager explorers. 

What is GoTo HUB?

  • A Localized OTA: Think of GoTo HUB as your friendly neighborhood OTA (Online Travel Agency or Booking Channel). But instead of being a global giant, they’re a local, cozy, and personalized platform mainly for our friends in Sweden and Norway.
  • A Focused Approach: GoTo HUB supports local economies by collaborating with counties, cities, and local attractions.

Connecting Sirvoy to GoTo HUB:

  1. In Sirvoy, navigate to Settings > Channels > iCal and click “Connect” or “Edit.”
  2. Click “Generate Export URL” for the units you want to connect.
  3. Copy the valid iCal URL from GoTo HUB and paste it into each unit’s “Enter iCal URL here” field.
  4. In the “Select room type” dropdown, choose a room type for importing bookings.
  5. Click “Add import URL.”

See Connecting to iCal Channels for more details, but otherwise happy booking! As they say in Sweden, Trevlig resa! (Bon Voyage!)

2. Sirvoy Website Builder’s Cookie Consent Banner

Have you noticed a cookie banner is now on your Sirvoy Website Builder site? This isn’t about sweet treats but an essential aspect of today’s internet world. 

Why the Surge in Cookie Banners?

  • Digital Norms: Cookies are a part of the digital landscape. They help websites function efficiently and provide a personalized experience for users.  They are also part of an effort to safeguard data security.
  • Legal Framework: Many jurisdictions mandate that websites inform visitors about cookie usage. This is why you’re noticing more banners lately.

The Sirvoy Website Builder Cookie Banner: What does it mean for you?

  • Cookies Defined: At their core, cookies are small data files stored on your device when you visit websites. They remember specifics like your login details and site preferences. They’re a digital handshake, allowing websites to recognize you upon return.
  • Purpose of the Cookie Banner: The banner is a courteous heads-up. It informs your potential guests that cookies are in use and gives them an option to consent.
  • Why the Need? Beyond just legal adherence, it’s about being transparent. The cookie banner ensures you’re conveying clear information to your customers.
  • Implications for Your Hotel: By employing this banner, you align with best practices and legal standards. Plus, it reassures your website visitors of your commitment to their online privacy.
  • How it Works: Your customers will see the banner and can accept or reject some or all of the cookies. Plus, it lets your visitors know you care about their online experience. However, if you wish, you can turn off the banner in your website builder settings.

Data protection and regulations are now a fact of life on the internet. Sirvoy helps you bridge the gap between a user’s needs and local regulations, creating a seamless digital journey for everyone involved.

3. Hebrew and Traditional Chinese Join Sirvoy’s Multilingual Club

We’re thrilled to announce that our booking engine now fully supports Hebrew and Traditional Chinese. With these latest additions, we’ve bolstered our linguistic prowess to a whopping 31 languages! With more to come on the horizon.

Enable new languages by going to Settings -> Languages & texts -> Language Support.

Diverse language support means reaching a broader audience and providing a tailored experience for your guests, no matter where they’re from. We’re dedicated to helping you communicate effectively with every guest, ensuring their journey with you starts on the right foot. Happy hosting!