Let’s say you have a room type called “Single Room”, but you also want to offer the same room as a package deal called “Single Room with Dinner. If the standard room type is booked, the package deal should of course no longer be available for that date, and vice versa. This can be solved by assigning the same units/rooms to multiple room types.

Let’s say you have ten single rooms, and want to make all those available as part of the package deal. Then the easiest solution is to create a room type duplicate (check related articles).

However, if you for example only want to offer 5 out of 10 single rooms as part of the package deal, do like this:

  1. Go to Settings -> Accommodations and click “Add new”.
  2. Complete all fields and name the new room type “Single Room with Dinner” or similar. Enter the price for the package deal.
  3. After saving the new room type, click on “Add new unit”.
  4. Enter one of the unit/room numbers and save.
  5. Repeat the previous step for each unit/room that you want to make available as part of the package deal.