1. Go to Settings -> Pricing -> Discount for longer stays.
  2. Discounts can be set for full weeks or months, or for a custom range of days, for example 3-5 days.
  3. Specify the discount for each room type.

Note: The weekly and monthly rates apply for multiples of 7 or 30 nights only. Any stay lengths not divisible by 7 (or 30) will revert to your base rate found in Settings -> Accommodations.

Example: Your base nightly rate is $120 and your weekly rate is $700 (averages to $100/night). Your guest books nine nights; the base rate of $120 per night will apply because 9 is not divisible by 7.

If you want the $100/nightly rate to apply for 7 days or more, even if not divisible by 7, add an ‘Adjusted Nightly Rate’ of $100 for that longer period.

Note: Discounts for longer stays are not included in the updates to booking channels (Booking.com, Expedia, etc). Rates are set for individual dates when updates are sent to channels. The booking channel will then sum up the total for the booked dates.