Yes, on the Statistics page under “Key Metrics”, you will find Average Daily Rate (ADR) and Revenue Per Available Room (RevPAR).

ADR measures the average price paid per room.
It is calculated by taking the revenue earned from rooms and dividing it by the number of rooms sold. For example, if two rooms are sold, one for $100 and another for $200, the ADR would be $150.

ADR is useful to measure your property’s financial performance, as well as to compare with competitors.

RevPAR measures the average revenue you get from every room, not just the ones that are booked. Using the above example with two rooms booked, if the hotel has six rooms in total, the RevPAR would be $50.

RevPAR is an important metric, since it incorporates both revenue and occupancy. It provides a snapshot of how well you are filling your rooms, as well as how much you are able to charge.