The callback URL offers the hotel the possibility of receiving booking details in JSON format through a URL.

If this feature is activated it sends out a callback to a URL defined by you every time a new booking is received in Sirvoy. It can be activated in Settings -> Your account -> Callback URL.

Since 2017-08-15 the callback runs on all 3 events. (event is set to new, modified or cancelled).

The receiving server has to respond with http code 200 (OK), otherwise the call will be retried every 30 minutes up to 10 times.

-If you seem to get no incoming parameters, (or the equivalent depending on the programming language you use) this is the way to go:
$jsonBooking = json_decode(file_get_contents(‘php://input’));

-Callbacks are made as Posts and via https.

Below is an example of the JSON format: