If you have a SiteMinder account, you can connect it to Sirvoy.

  1. Inform your account manager at Siteminder that you want to connect through Sirvoy.
  2. Once the connection request has been approved, go to Settings -> Channels -> Siteminder and click “Edit”.
  3. Enter your Siteminder hotel ID and indicate which region you are using (EMEA or APAC).
  4. Activate the room types you want to send to Siteminder by changing the status to “ON”. Take note of the room type ID (shown in brackets after the room type name) for each room type you activate, for example “4680104”.
  5. For each mapped room type, SiteMinder will ask you to fill out three fields (room code, rate code and inventory code). The “Rate Code” should always be left blank. Use the room type ID, that you noted in the previous step, to fill out both “Room Code” and “Inventory Code”. Login to SiteMinder to enter those codes online (see screenshot below), or alternatively you can fill out and return the spreadsheet that SiteMinder will provide.
  6. Once the mapping is done, inform our support team and they will activate the connection.
Note: Each rate in SiteMinder (for example Single Use, Non refundable, etc.) must be mapped to a unique room type ID in Sirvoy. You might have to create duplicate room types in Sirvoy, to be able to map all rates that exist in SiteMinder.