Note: The information in this article contains third party system descriptions that are subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, please be aware that some details may be outdated due to recent modifications made by the third party.

To install the booking engine on WordPress you first need to install the Sirvoy Booking Engine plugin and thereafter add the booking engine to your WordPress page.

Installing the Sirvoy Booking Engine plugin

  1. Log in to your WordPress account, go to Plugins -> Add New, search for “Sirvoy” in the search bar. Once on the Sirvoy result, click on “install now”.
  2. Once installed, the button changes to “Activate”, click it again. The Sirvoy plugin is now added to your list of plugins available on your Admin view left menu.
  3. On your available plugins, find the “Sirvoy Booking Engine” plugin, and click on “Settings”. (You will be required to enter a Booking Engine ID.)
  4. In the Sirvoy system, go to Settings -> Booking engine -> Manage booking engines – > How to install under the Booking Engine Tab. Choose “Booking engine ID to be used in the WordPress plugin” and copy the ID code shown.
  5. Back on WordPress, paste the copied ID to the field “Booking Engine ID” and click “Save”.

Adding the Engine to the WordPress Page

  1. Go to the WordPress webpage where you want to install the engine and click on “Customize” on the top menu.
  2. Click on Widgets area on the appearing left bar, decide which section you want the engine to be displayed and click it.
  3. Click the option “Add a Widget”, then find and select the Sirvoy Booking Widget on the list. In case you manage multiple widgets, give the Sirvoy widget a proper name to identify it.
  4. The engine should now appear on the section you selected.
Tip: Alternatively you can type this short code: [sirvoy] in the pages or post editor where you want to display the booking engine. To display the booking engine in a specific language (not using auto-detect), use this format: [sirvoy language="fr"].