Sirvoy Affiliate Program

We have two different programs, or compensation models, that you can choose between depending on what benefits suit you and your business best; the Referral Program or the Partner Program. You can read more about each Program below and we recommend that you download our Affiliate introduction PDF.

Referral Program

The Sirvoy Referral Program offers you 50% commission on all the payments made by the referred client during the clients first 6 months. The Referral Program suits businesses that wish to receive an immediate revenue boost.

So for each referred client, if they sign up for a full year, you could earn:

Basic Account (USD)

Premium Account (USD)

Deluxe Account (USD)

Partner Program

The Partner Program suits businesses that wish to build up an income that will benefit them over years to come. It offers you a percentage based commission that will increase the more clients you refer. You will continue to receive commission on all payments made by the client indefinitely. The increasing percentage structure can be viewed below.


1st-5th referred clients


6th-15th clients


16th-30th clients


31st-50th clients

51st client and beyond will give you a 25% commission.