Note: The information in this article contains third-party system descriptions that are subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, some details may become outdated due to modifications made by the third party.

Klarna is a global “buy now, pay later” payment method. Based on your guest’s country and the transaction amount, Klarna offers various payment options, including installments, pay later, financing, and pay now. With each option, Klarna immediately pays you in full and handles collecting the amount from your guest. To enable this payment solution in Sirvoy, the presentment currency (the currency of the charge) for your prices has to be in EUR, USD, GBP, DKK, SEK, or NOK. More information about conditions and supported merchant and customer countries can be found in Stripe’s documents here. This payment method is only available in Sirvoy when payment is set as always required.

To use this payment method, take the following steps:

  • Activate Klarna as a payment method on your Stripe account dashboard under Settings -> Payment Methods -> Klarna, click “Request access” and agree to the terms and conditions. Click “Add Klarna to your integrations” and select “Add Klarna to prebuilt checkout form”. In some cases, click “Turn on” instead to activate this payment method.

  • In Sirvoy, go to Settings -> Payments & invoicing -> Card payments and click “Edit”. With Stripe selected as your payment method and payment set as obligatory, activate the “Klarna” switch.

On the Stripe payment page, Klarna will now appear as one of the available payment methods for all guests from the supported countries. If the guest chooses Klarna as the payment method, he is redirected to the Klarna payment page to provide payment details. After a successful transaction, the guest is redirected back to the booking engine.

Note: When Klarna is enabled, guests can still choose to pay by credit card through Stripe. It may also be possible for guests to pay by credit card through Klarna and the option “Pay now”. However, when Klarna is enabled as a payment method, the CC details from Stripe and Klarna won’t be saved in Sirvoy, preventing you from charging any balance at a later date. Therefore, we recommend you only activate Klarna if you require full prepayment at the time of booking, or don’t need to charge any balance using Stripe. Any card details received from the sales channels will be saved for future charges however, even when Klarna is activated.

Note: Klarna accepts payments only for customers with billing addresses in the markets that match your presentment currency. For example, if your presentment currency is SEK, Klarna will be able to accept payments from customers whose billing country is Sweden. More information can be found here.