Note: The information in this article contains third party system descriptions that are subject to change without prior notice. Therefore, please be aware that some details may be outdated due to recent modifications made by the third party.

If your availability as seen on your Sirvoy calendar isn’t reflected correctly on Citybreak, there might be an issue with the availability period.

Please follow these steps to make it work:

  1. Go to your Citybreak Extranet.
  2. Click the + sign next to your property/listing
  3. If you already have an availability period set up, please erase it.
  4. Create a new one by clicking on “Availability periods”
  5. Click “Add period”
  6. Choose a date in the distant future as end date of your availability period, such as: 2050-01-01, and make sure that the dates for your rate period are the same

Please contact us at if you experience problems after following the steps above.