Easy-to-use booking software for hotels and other accommodations

No matter what kind of accommodation you run, our hotel booking software is easy to get started with and simple to use.

Below are some of the features we offer that have made our hotel booking software a big hit with our clients.  Find out how we can benefit your business by taking advantage of our 14 day free trial.

Communicate with your guests

Customize and send automated email and/or SMS confirmations. Presentable booking specifications in PDF format with your logo, to print and hand to your guests.

Keep in touch with your hotel guests through SMS. Schedule emails and text messages to be sent before arrival and/or after departure. Sent messages are logged in the booking history.

Through our integration with TripAdvisor you can easily and automatically send an email to your guests after check-out and ask them to write a review.

Built-in channel management

Sirvoy hotel software is connected to all the largest online booking channels. Sell your rooms through Expedia.com, Hotels.com, Agoda.com, Booking.com and Hostelworld.com. Reservations are automatically captured and imported through Sirvoy’s hotel channel manager and your availability is updated in all connected channels whenever a change occurs in Sirvoy’s hotel software.

(Available in Premium & Deluxe)

Accept online card payments

Give your guests the option to prepay with credit card. Sirvoy hotel booking software is integrated with different online payment providers, which gives both you and your guest the convenience of secure card transfers.
Depending on which payment solution you choose, you can either collect credit card details to charge at a later time or accept online payments at the time of booking. The payment service provider’s fees apply.

Receive bookings from TripAdvisor

Publish your availability and rates on TripAdvisor and direct visitors to your Sirvoy hotel booking engine. Sirvoy hotel software is a certified IBE and connected to TripAdvisor Connect. TripAdvisor will charge you per click (CPC).

Through our integration with TripAdvisor Review Express you can also automatically send emails to ask your guests to write a review after their stay.

Cut out the middle-man with Google Hotel Price Ads

Sirvoy’s integration with Google Hotel Finder means you can have all the bookings received through those channels automatically synchronized and updated through your Sirvoy account.

By using this feature you will also avoid paying the commission that channels charge when providing you with bookings, and instead, only pay a low pay-per-click.

List of features in Sirvoy’s hotel software

Most features found in Sirvoy’s hotel software are listed below.
If you are missing something, send us a note, and likely we can show you how Sirvoy can work for you.
Best of all,  register for our free trial and sample all of our features.

Different accommodation types

Add multiple units of the same accommodation type, or if you run a B&B or boutique hotel,  you may want to describe each room individually. Hostel owners will also find it possible to manage dorm beds.

Accept bookings on your hotel’s website

Simply add a link or our booking widget to your website, and your guests can begin to book through a clear and simple hotel booking engine without leaving your hotel’s website.

Available online & automated backups

Since our hotel booking software is online you don’t have the added hassle of installations and updates. New features and improvements will automatically be made available to you. Automatic backups are made daily.

Manage the cleaning of your rooms

After each checkout you can set your units as cleaned in the list of accommodation units. The hotel software will send an alert if a new guest is checked into a unit that has not been cleaned.


Manage bookings

Change dates and prices, change/add/remove rooms, group bookings, split bookings in two, edit details, handle cancellations, etc.

Fixed low cost

Sirvoy only charges a fixed monthly fee – no commission or other hidden extras. Payment of our hotel software works much like a prepaid phone. Top up your account with an amount of your choice and costs will be deducted monthly.

Extra options

Extras such as breakfast and special packages can be easily created. You can even offer extras that are in limited supply, such as rental bikes, conference rooms and sauna.

Language support

The hotel booking form is currently available in 22 languages.

Price changes

Set prices based on seasons, days of the week, length of stay, etc.

Communicate with your guests

Prepare emails that will automatically be sent to your guests a certain amount of days before or after check-in or check-out, or after the booking was registered.

Multiple user accounts

Give your colleagues their own logins (up to 30 accounts) and assign them different user rights in the hotel software.

Free support

We offer free support by phone and e-mail and we will gladly give you the help you need to get started with Sirvoy’s hotel booking software.


View bars and graphs to follow up on sales and occupancy.


Create VAT/GST receipts and invoices, and export invoice records from the hotel software for accounting.

History log

Events and changes made to a booking are automatically saved and shown in the booking history.


Export Excel files with guest and booking details from your online hotel software.

Multiple booking forms

Create different booking forms with custom design and include/exclude specific accommodation types and/or extra options.

Categorize accommodation types

Create different categories and let the guest choose a category before searching for available accommodation units. This is useful if you offer accommodations in different locations or properties.

Set restrictions

Specify the minimum/maximum number of nights that can be booked. You can even set a different rule for certain periods, for example, weekends or holidays.


Block out certain rooms or the whole property for single dates or for a period of time. Block all days or only certain days of the week. You can block dates for check-ins, check-outs, and/or stays.

WordPress Plugin

Add the booking engine to your website easily with Sirvoy’s WordPress plugin and start accepting online hotel bookings.

Accept Bookings through Facebook

Add our booking engine to your Facebook page and start taking bookings on Facebook.

Alerts on new bookings

Be alerted by email and/or text message when a new hotel booking is received.

Create coupon codes

Provide your hotel guests with promotion & discount codes. Offer fixed or percentage discounts and/or use codes to access blocked periods for weddings, special events, etc.

Calendar overview

Get a quick and clear picture of your bookings and remaining availability in the calendar.

Printable PDFs with your logo

Print booking specifications and invoices for your guests. Upload your own logo.

Re-use guest details

Search and re-use guest details for returning guests.

Take credit card details and/or payments

Collect credit card details at the time of booking, and charge at a later time, or request online payments. Sirvoy is integrated with a number of payment solutions.

Integrated channel manager

Sirvoy has connections to the largest online booking channels.

TripAdvisor Integration

Make TripAdvisor visitors book through your own website rather than through expensive booking channels with TripConnect.

Google Hotel Price Ads

Display your prices in Google’s network (google.com/hotels, Google maps, etc).

Send text messages (SMS)

Send manual and/or automatic booking confirmations and other communications by text message (SMS).

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