Today we are releasing a long anticipated feature, drag and drop bookings from one room to another, directly from the calendar overview. Since this is a big change, you will be able to access the old version here ( in case you experience any problems.

When you click a booking in the calendar, a new box with booking information will display in the lower part of the screen. The booking bar will also become draggable and available rooms will be indicated in green. Drag the booking to another available room and drop it. A confirmation alert will display and the booking will only be moved if you confirm.

Cleaning status is now shown as an icon on today’s date for each room (and not as a general icon), since the cleaning status relates especially to the current date and quickly may change.

It is now also possible for you to pick your own preferred colors to be used to indicate booking status in the calendar overview. Click “Color legend and customization” at the bottom of the calendar.

As usual, your feedback is welcome. Please contact the Support Team in case of any issues, questions or ideas for improvement.